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    1. Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company
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      About Dragon Chemical Group

      Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company is an active company dedicated to producing and marketing organic intermediates with high adding-value, high-quality and advanced technology. We have had close cooperation with many famous companies worldwide. Business success is driven by our long-term strategy of innovation and continuous operational improvements.

      We have rich technical resources and advanced equipment. Our expertise covers lines of production management, research and development, environmental safety and health, waste treatment and quality assurance.

      At the dawn of the new millennium, our business environment is changing at unexpected speed. We recognize that for the further growth of our business, we must do our best to continuously innovate our product lines and develop new products that meet customers'  requirement. Aiming to become a well-known organic intermediates producer in the world, we look forward to your continuously support or establishing new business relationship with you.

      Please Contact us freely.


       CPhi Japan 2019   Feb 18 2019
      We are exhibiting! See you at CPhi Japan 2019, From 18th Mar. to 20th Mar. We cordially invite you to visit us at booth 3D-18....
      CPhI China 2019    Feb 18 2019

      See you at CPhI 2019 in Shanghai (June 18-20, 2019). Our booth number is E7C76.

      China Interdye 2019 …   Feb 18 2019

      We will exhibit at China Interdye 2019 in Shanghai from April 10 to 12, 2019. Our booth number is C958.

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      2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)butyric acid, DMBA

      CAS No.: 10097-02-6
      Structural Formula:
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